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Publisher: University of Texas Press. Viva Cristo Rey: The Cristero Rebellion and the Church-State Conflict-ExLibrary . Saints and Sinners in the Cristero War: Stories of Martyrdom from Mexico (Paperb . Series, Texas Pan American.

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A week in the life of Eric Doomsday contains more chaos than most 7 year old boys could possibly achieve.. After a disastrous magic show which descended into a food fight Eric really needs to improve his reputation at school or he'll never be invited to another party again.

Dr. Brené Brown Books For Those Curious About Shame and Vulnerability

Cue the school Talent Show and Eric sees the perfect opportunity to win back some credibility. And unfortunately for the aliens Eric has a few tricks up his sleeve. This is a great early reader, with short chapters, lively artwork and the jokes keep on coming. Bonkers and brilliantly entertaining. Compton Valance and his best friend Bryan Nylon are unlikely heroes, but they managed to create a time machine out of a mouldy cheese sandwich and save the universe from certain destruction.

Now the sandwich is safely in a museum, and life is back to boring normal. Cool illustrations and design make these ideal for reluctant readers but honestly everyone will enjoy this excellent series.

Matt will be appearing at the Cheltenham Festival on Saturday 3rd October. Click here to find out more.

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Further information from the Cheltenham Festival. A mouldy old sandwich has a remarkable impact on the life of Compton Valance, an apparently very ordinary school boy. This mouldy sandwich is no ordinary one!

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It has the power to take Compton Valance travelling back in time…But time-travel is a confusing and complicated matter and Compton Valance is soon in for a second adventure of a lifetime! Soon Compton Valance and his best-friend Bryan Nylon find they have the amazing power to travel through time.

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  7. When Dreary Inkling Primary School's headmistress buys some new vending machines, she never imagined that a freak electrical storm would turn them into killer robots Suddenly, the vending machines are on the rampage! Ian Iansson is a little bit worried about his school trip. Firstly, Ian doesn't have any friends, plus, his mum has packed him ten pairs of pants for the two-day trip.

    But as it turns out, these are the least of Ian's problems Because when Ian's class arrives at the spooky old house, there's something very weird going on. Something that looks awfully like zombies; groaning, dribbling zombies that no one but Ian seems to have noticed. Winner of multiple literary awards, this book is based on the life experiences of the author — following the story of a fourteen year old Polish girl named Slava, whose Jewish family has immigrated to Canada after the second world war.

    Alternating chapters between her childhood in Warsaw, Poland to life now in Canada, this story drew me in. The scenes of her childhood — from the innocent beginnings of ballet school and a settled life to being housed with many other Jewish families, unable to go to school or learn, and unsure of their future — are vivid insights into a time period that is painful and hard to imagine.

    After the war, we watch her grow in Canada. Struggling to deal with the challenges of being Jewish, a teenage girl, an immigrant, and memories of the war she lived through — Slava tries to find where she belongs in this new world. Her parents have decided her name will now be Elizabeth, in order to be more Canadian, and she struggles to learn English. Note: This book felt very much intended for the older age level of children.