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Seasons in a woman's life

Amanda Oswald. The Happy Hormone Guide. Shannon Leparski. Those years of study became the foundation for my life's work. Never have I had another season for such intense reading, study and prayer without the simultaneous pressure of producing. Those were tough years—but good ones.

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  • My advice to all young mothers with a heart for ministry is this: Do what you can now. Plan and prepare for the future, but do not feel guilty and overload yourself during the formative years of your marriage and children.

    It is an important season with important priorities. Tend it well. Another season will come—and you will be prepared. For me, a new season dawned when my children became teen-agers. Before then, I had always enjoyed cooking and entertaining fellow ministers and workers in my home.

    Those times of hospitality and fellowship were special for the entire family. However, the teen years turned our home into Grand Central Station for the high school crowd. My plans and my teen-agers' plans frequently conflicted. During this season Tom and I decided it was more important for our home to be open and ready for the younger set than for us to entertain our peers with lovely dinners.

    Tacos, hamburgers, the Colonel's chicken, lots of cookies and gallons of milk became our home entertainment fare, replacing beautiful roasted meats with Yorkshire pudding, ham and asparagus rolls, and minted tea.

    The seasons of a woman's life

    It was a season of making memories we still share with a large circle of now-grown-up young friends. I have never regretted one evening that I gave up studying or speaking in order to sit on the floor in our basement den with my husband, our children and their friends, discussing in lively fashion whatever the issue of the moment was.

    It was a short season, never to be recaptured. I'm glad I didn't miss it! Just as there are seasons in nature, in the physical body and in our life's work, there are also spiritual seasons. They are a part of the production process of the kingdom. Each one of us experiences times of plowing, sowing and harvesting, with all the attendant challenges and pleasures. The budding of a ministry with a fresh anointing is filled with expectancy. The blossoming time brings expectancy into recognition.

    The season of bearing fruit necessitates the work of preservation and sharing. Harvest is attended with great joy.

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    • And according to the law of production, fruit-bearing is rewarded with the repetition of the process. Our fruit becomes more fruit and progresses to the bounteous harvest of much fruit. It is important to remember, however, that a cycle of production is often preceded by a dormant season. This is a time during which it seems as if nothing is happening spiritually—when we feel stripped bare, buried in isolation, forgotten.

      See a Problem?

      It may come to you in a time of sickness, loss, disappointment or rejection. I can assure you it will come—but only for a season. Be mindful that every bleak winter carries with it the promise of another spring. Whatever season you find yourself in, practice patience, and know that He who began the work in you is able to complete it see Phil. Patience is what keeps faith working. And refrain from judging yourself or others harshly in present circumstances.

      We are not all at the same stage of development—nor are we all destined to produce the same crop. Some crops require a longer growing season. Besides, who would determine the worth of a fruit tree in the wintertime, while it is barren and leafless? We are all people- in-progress! But while a force beyond yourself determines your season, your reaction to the season is your responsibility.

      The Seasons of a Woman's Life by Daniel J. Levinson

      God determines when a particular season comes; your responsibility is to tend what has been planted. We would be foolish to try to plant in winter or harvest in spring. Yet we often resist the circumstances God has allowed to promote growth! In every season, of course, storms may appear. You may be dancing on a sunbeam when the ring of the telephone comes like a clap of thunder, bearing unexpected news of calamity or loss.

      Even the best seasons of life can be clouded by a storm.