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Publisher: University of Texas Press. Viva Cristo Rey: The Cristero Rebellion and the Church-State Conflict-ExLibrary . Saints and Sinners in the Cristero War: Stories of Martyrdom from Mexico (Paperb . Series, Texas Pan American.

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The absence of writing prevents us from undergoing an analysis of moral and social ideas of the Paleolithic men. But their paintings are still offering us their viewpoint of the world in which they struggled to survive. One of the most paradoxical aspects of the Paleolithic art, and that is generally not revealed, is that more than half the rupestrian paintings are abstract, mainly dots and lines, but also squares, rectangles.

There are more dots than mammoths and reindeers. There are more stripes than fish or birds. Another weird aspect is that there are hardly human beings. Out of two thousand analysed patterns, maybe have we found ten human figures and most of them with anthropologic shapes this is sheer delight for the authors promoting the shamanic theses.

Neither were painted divine nor supernatural beings, nothing therefore indicate us directly the existence of religion in the Paleolithic period. Nor were the Sun or the Moon painted with high realism. The possible existence of astronomical antecedents, as some Moon shape or some constellation type is being studied in archaeoastronomical congresses. Most of painted naturalist patterns were bisons, bulls, horses and stags. And in its realisation stands out its high realism.

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These herbivores, next to the dots and stripes, are the reality as it appears in the Paleolithic art caves. And, paradoxically as it may seem, the painted animal was not always the hunted animal! How could we interpret this? I think that we have to go on observing at the paintings facing them and see what they tell us, instead of applying on them our cultural categories.

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This is an art describing the natural world that surrounds man and showing us the direct necessities of survival associated with hunting such herbivorous figures. It tells us about the clan that fed on herbivores more than about heroes hunting predators. And the existence of a rational thought is revealed to us through the abstract signs. It would result thus more credible to see after a group of dots a group of inhabitants or some herd or after a group of lines, a group of hunters.

In accordance with Ucko and Rosenberg I think that there was not a single intentionality in the making of these paintings. In accordance with the data obtained from direct datings I think that the panels were not painted at only one moment, but that generation after generation paintings were being added.


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Son las pinturas de cuerpos celestes mas antiguas de la humanidad. Al no existir escritura, es inviable sentenciar sobre este tema. En consonancia con el resto de pinturas del panel, los motivos astrales se pintan de forma generalizada en rojo.

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Translation - English In the Paleolithic art there are no sign of the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, not even celestial constellations in the paintings. The possibility that some star or constellation could have been painted individually is being investigated. If it were confirmed, for the moment the existence of Paleolithic astronomical antecedents could be possibly admitted, but this does not mean that Paleolithic astronomy would exist at all, understood as a rational activity and as a cultural transmission of knowledge.

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Someone could have painted the moon or a possible constellation. But there is nothing more we can assert about his intention when he pictured it. So that the Paleolithic astronomical science could be recognised as existing, similar patterns should appear in other caves whose datings are distant.

Neither do we know if there was a religion as we understand it, that is to say, belief and adoration of supernatural beings. In the Mesopotamian art, five thousand years ago, there definitely are expressed pictures of the Sun, the Moon and the stars, and we know that all of them are related to gods.

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  • Religion would therefore appear together with civilisation, acting positively as a social cohesion sense of belonging to the group , and negatively as an oppression. These pictures appear in cylindrical seals that are three thousand years old, in four thousand year old steles and, already in the Kassite period, more than three thousand years ago, in kudurrus and in the most ancient astronomical treaties. One of these treaties is the MULA.

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    The most recent copies of this treaty were found in the Asurbanipal collection, but at that moment already, it was considered to be a more remote written work. Because according to the tradition Mesopotamian scribes copied ancient texts to guarantee their survival. The real antiquity of the MUL. APIN treaty is currently being investigated.

    The final version happened to be redacted at the same time than the two main Mesopotamian texts, Enuma Elish and The Epic of Gilgamesh. But it is also true , in the particular case of The Epic of Gilgamesh, that the compiler left aside two chapters, one of which referring to the king of Kish, proving the high antiquity of the poem although compiled in the Kassite period, its antiquity dates back to the third millennium, as some fragments were found in Sumerian and Acadian.