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Later, as the murder case against him was unfolding, he was picked out as the abductor and offender of two children from Nice, but this was not pursued, nor formally proven. On May 24, , he was hired by Ets COTTO, a company that made and sold air-conditioning equipment based in Nice, and began working as a door-to-door salesman. As his mother refused to accompany him on a Pentecost weekend trip, Ranucci left Nice alone on June 2, After visiting the region, he arrived in Marseilles on the morning of June 3, Telling them he had lost a "big black dog", he asked for their help in searching for it.

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According to his later confession, the girl was initially reluctant to go with him, making him repeat his offer; he eventually gained her trust by promising to return her home for lunch time. After being arrested, he was not recognized by the two witnesses to the abduction, and the only physical evidence implicating him in this phase of the crime was a drawing showing the estate where the Rambla family lived; he made this drawing in police custody. An hour later, arriving at a crossroads, he went through a stop sign and collided with another car, damaging both vehicles. He then turned round and fled in the direction of Marseilles, drove a few hundred metres before stopping at the bottom of a hill, exited from his car with the young girl, and climbed up to the thickets holding her left arm.

He hit her head with stones then stabbed her in the throat with his flick knife she reportedly received about fifteen blows. Returning to his car, he drove for a while, then hid in a mushroom bed in order to change his flat tyre, change his bloodied clothes, clean, and hide his knife.

However, when leaving, he needed help from people to get his car out of the mud. After having accepted a cup of tea, he got back to his home, Corniche Fleurie on the heights of Nice. Ranucci was arrested two days after the murder as he was returning from his office to his home in Nice. The girl's corpse had been found shortly before by a squad of gendarmes. He had been identified by his licence plate number provided by witnesses to the car accident during his flight with the child.

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Psychiatrists who heard Ranucci's conversation during sessions diagnosed him as having an "immature and backward sexuality". According to their report this, coupled with a need for company, had led to the desire to take children and spend time with them. He was not profiled as a pedophile, but rather as someone whose sexual identity remained undefined, though the psychiatrists asserted he showed "keen interest" in children. While confessing, Ranucci claimed he had no intention of harming the girl and only wished to go for a ride with her. He explained the murder was a result of panic and fear due to the accident.

His motive for the abduction still remain unclear, as no signs of rape or other sexual assault were found on the victim's body. Months later, while incarcerated at Baumettes prison 9th arrondissement of Marseille , he repudiated his confession after learning he was of the same blood type as the little girl bloodstains had been found on his pants seized in his car trunk , and hearing about a local pedophile who wore a red sweater similar to the one discovered near the mushroom bed where he had hidden after the murder. Fraticelli wanted the jury to consider Ranucci's state of mind and consciousness while committing murder, and whether he was really accountable for the crime, rather than his guilt.

However, as Ranucci had retracted his confession, his other two lawyers conformed to his wishes, and chose to plead his innocence. He was tried in Aix-en-Provence in southern France on March 9 and 10, , just three weeks after Patrick Henry was arrested in Troyes for another child murder. More information about this seller Contact this seller 9. More information about this seller Contact this seller Seller Inventory MG. About this Item: Condition: Used; Good.

About this Item: Condition: Used; Acceptable. Published by France-Loisirs. About this Item: France-Loisirs. Condition: GOOD. Has little wear to the cover and pages. Contains some markings such as highlighting and writing. A copy that has been read, but remains in excellent condition. Pages are intact and are not marred by notes or highlighting, but may contain a neat previous owner name. Seller Inventory GI4N Published by Ramsay, Paris About this Item: Ramsay, Paris, Condition: Etat moyen. Published by France Loisirs About this Item: France Loisirs, Condition: Assez bon.

France Loisirs, From: LiBooks Carling, France. Condition: Acceptable. Couverture rigide. Condition: Satisfaisant. Etait-il coupable ou innocent? From: librairie philippe arnaiz Isle sur la sorgue, France. Dust Jacket Condition: Assez bon. From: Compagnon Grandris, France. See statistics for more detailed information. The map below shows where people speak what language click on the map for an enlargement. At the borders where two languages meet, the language does not change abruptly, it rather changes gradually.


People living on the border usually grow up bilingual - this is especially true for the areas marked with strips on the map above. At school, the children have to learn a second language spoken in our country however, there is currently a big dispute going on, whether our kids should learn English rather than German or French as a second language.

It stands not only for the separation of the languages, but also for the separation of the cultures and the ideologies. The lingual minorities sometimes feel out-ruled by the majority of the German speaking fellow citizen in political issues. While the French speaking Swiss tend to be more open minded, the German speaking Swiss tend to be more conservative. Again, this is a very general statement, a single individuum should not be judged simply by her or his language or origin.

The term "German speaking Swiss" is not really correct, they actually speak Swiss-German "Schweizerdeutsch". Swiss-German is very different form the German spoken in Germany or Austria. Even more surprisingly, there is no written Swiss-German at all. People in Austria, Germany and Switzerland share the same written German language, known as "high German" "Hochdeutsch" - however, the term "written German" "Deutsche Schriftsprache" is far more accurate.


The written German is very different form the Swiss-German, it is almost a foreign language. People in each canton have their own, very distinct dialect, which varies significantly. Again, the language changes gradually from north to south and from east to west.

Even though the French and the Italian spoken in Switzerland are not absolutely the same as in the neighboring countries, they are not as different as the Swiss-German from the German-German or the Austrian-German. Romansh is a very different and also a very old language, struggling to survive.

Even if there are only a few villages where they still speak this language, there are nonetheless five different dialects known as idioms around. The words in the table below are provided in Romansh Sursilvan , the other idioms are known as Sutsilvan, Surmiran, Puter and Vallader.

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See Lia Rumantscha for much more information about Romansh. Note: The tables below show a number of words and simple common phrases in English and their translations in all four official Swiss languages. While the author took every effort to find the correct words or expressions, there is no guarantee for correctness. In addition, the same word may have different meanings depending on the context or region.

The author tried to choose common words and phrases a visitor may need, but this document shall not replace a dictionary at all.

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If you come across a document on the Web which you cannot understand because it is written in a foreign language, you may try babelfish to translate it - however, my experience is, that the output is hardly useful. On-line translation is still far away from what it needs be However, the responsibility for all errors is solely by the author mentioned at the bottom of this document. Please use this form to send suggestions for corrections or additions. For online translation, pronunciation etc. For online translation in Romansh, we suggest www.

Note 1 : People in the French speaking part of Switzerland usually use the short form, while people in France usually use the longer form. See also information about units used in Switzerland and how they relate to the U.

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