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Publisher: University of Texas Press. Viva Cristo Rey: The Cristero Rebellion and the Church-State Conflict-ExLibrary . Saints and Sinners in the Cristero War: Stories of Martyrdom from Mexico (Paperb . Series, Texas Pan American.

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This scientific day aims at gathering French and foreign researchers from academia and industry as well as students interested in organic chemistry, organometallics and catalysis. However, places are limited to the first participants which will subscribe. While sugar and fluorine chemistry appear as two well established communities in organic chemistry which seem far away from each other, interaction of those areas led to major breakthrough in each domain. Salut les jeunes chimistes! Hey, young chemists! Rjscf Societechimiquedefrance.

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The 3 winners will see their photo published in the chemical news and will receive apple and fnac purchase vouchers! This is an incredible opportunity for you to attend an international congress of primary importance. Special events will be organized all week long, encompassing a Celebration plenary session organized together with the IUPAC Committee, a celebratory evening organized by the Young Scientists at the Maison de la Chimie, the Celebration gala dinner, and an official Ceremony organized at the Sorbonne in presence of the French authorities, IUPAC Council, NAOs diplomatic delegations and prestigious scientists and guests [ Read online.

This is an incredible opportunity for you to attend a European congress of primary importance in chemistry and to develop your own network. Dear young chemists, the executive board of the RJ-SCF is glad to share with you an announcement from the academia of science concerning a franco-taiwanese prize. The academia of science and the ministry of science and technology of Taiwan assign each every year a great scientific frano-taiwanese prize to a team of French and Taiwanese researchers having contributed to scientific research attractive for both sides. Please find thereafter all details about the call for candidature open to all areas.

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Candidatures have to be sent before Friday, June 29th in two copies, one to the academia of science, the other to the ministry of science and technology of Taiwan. Information related to nomination for this prize are available on the website of the academia of science. To get them, please follow this link.

Please read more about the complete program of this amazing day focused on chemistry history. You can read more about the event in the complete article. Those prizes are intended for all young doctors whereas the two others are meant for all researchers. Show your energy! The energy inter-division organises in partnership with industry and research organism in Grenoble on November 15th a day which will contribute to draw closer scientific research, technologic research and industrial development.

This day will be introduced by two renowned leading figures. Conditions to qualify ar described thereafter and candidates commit to be available on November 15th Members of the jury are members of the energy inter-division and members called by partners whose list will be communicated later on. The jury is presided over by the president of energy inter-division. We invite you to have a look at the detailed program. Please click on this link.

Several acknowledged lecturers will be present from all nationalities as well as numerous industrial partners. One should underline that a complete session built by and for the young chemist network will be held on Monday, July 2 d in the afternoon. One announcement for people keen on catalysis! This congress is definitely turned towards young chemists to give them the opportunity to share and spread their chemistry.

The executive board of the RJ-SCF is happy to share with you a news directly from the energy interdivision! This special day, open to everyone who finds interest in analytical chemistry for health, is organised to favour the meeting of actors from industrial world and academia. Invited lecturers will present analytical methods applied to several areas of health. Participants will have the opportunity to present a poster. There are no subscription fees for SCF and SFP members, though subscription is mandatory due to a limited number of entries.

Vouchers are not accepted. Proof of payement will be provided. The executive board of the RJ-SCF is happy to forward you a news directly from the interdivision of energy! The role of research will be of outmost importance to fulfil those objectives. The organising committee counts on your participation and recommend to confirm your venue through the following interactive formular.

Numerous initiatives exist though, aiming at highlighting it, either from universities, industry, private collections or public organisms. How is performed chemistry history integration into the cultural landscape? How to raise awareness among actors and heritage makers?

Several talks will broach numerous cases and a final round-table will give an overview of ways to identify, preserve and reveal this cultural heritage to the general public. This study day will be in English and French so that non-French speaking audience can participate. Discussions following every session will be in English and French. Subscription is free of charge, though mandatory due to a limited number of entries.

Venez nombreux en Septembre prochain. These are announcements for 3 symposiums dedicated to C-H activation, chirality or total synthesis. Young organic chemists, go for it! This symposium is organised by professor Fumitoshi Kakiuchi.


You will have the opportunity to attend 12 lectures at the heart of Bordeaux Place Pey-Berland. To favour a maximum attendance, subscription is free. In addition to plenary lectures, industrial presentations, oral communications and poster sessions will be organised abstract submission deadline extended to Friday, Mai 4th. Thoses session will give rise to 3 prizes. All information are available on the event website. The grants will be awarded to young subscribers selected by an evaluation committee gathering presidents of regional sections, sections and the president of the RJ-SCF by June 15th It is to be sent to the president of the regional section of the applicant by May 25th Pour toute inscription, une communication orale en anglais est garantie.

For over 50 years, this event gathered around 60 PhD student from France, Europe and chemists, from both academic and industrial world. This meeting enables PhD students to present their work in organic chemistry, to share scientific knowledge and ideas with senior researchers and to broaden their knowledge as well as to develop their critical reasoning and scientific thinking. It is also a unique opportunity for young researchers to have a global point of view on modern research in Organic Chemistry.

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For every registration, an oral communication in English is ensured. On March 29th, the 9th day was organised about processes and materials for 4D printing. Book your agenda now for the next scientific day about advanced electrochemical processes for water treatment. The rise of advanced physico-chemical processes like electrochemistry applied to waste water treatment is more relevant every day and a key milestone to make access to clean water easier, one of the major challenge of the 21th century.

To address this challenge, it is critical to face the double concern of the growing demand in water as well as a growing hydric stress, including in France. The recycling of waste water after treatment is a solution more seriously considered by the stakeholders of the water world and the integration of electrochemical processes within the sector of waste water could contribute to it.

This scientific day will broach the challenge of advanced electrochemical processes development to be applied in water treatment, from the design and use of innovative electrode materials to the application of electrochemical processes on an industrial scale by way of media physico-chemical characterisation and process development via electrochemical engineering.

The goal of this scientific day is to gather stakeholders of public and private sectors to establish a picture of current works on this subject, identify barriers slowing down the development of those processes and propose solutions. It will end by a round table involving those stakeholders.

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Chimistes physiciens! For all those prizes, the deadline for applications is set on Tuesday 22nd Mai at 12h The SCF endorses this congress by offering two grants covering the subscription fees for PhD students in quantic chemistry.

Every candidate must send by March 29th a document of 1 page maximum including a brief C. Those three activities work in synergy settling us at the interface between doctors and recruiters. We have at our disposal a wide and concrete vision of current needs in recruitment, career opportunity open to doctors and doctors labour market developments in the socio-economoc environment.

Our integration in PhD ecosystem places us as one major actor of research and in innovation area. We strongly value the development and maintaining of strong relationships with this area doctors, enterprises, universities and partners. Pour cela, suivez ce lien et inscrivez-vous! Young chemists of France, rise your agenda! Please find all information related to this event in the newsletter of the project thereafter. To do so, please follow this link! This project is an strategic research initiative SRI gathering 26 research laboratories from 10 different institutions at Paris-Saclay University in order to develop new strategies and guide the international energetic transition.

The study of economic and societal issues raised by those new technologies will be the second objective when the promotion of calls for collaboration towards industrial partners will be seen as the third objective. This week is dedicated to PhD students in chemistry and an oral communication will be guaranted to each subscriber. So, do not wait anymore to subscribe! This is an incredible opportunity to develop your network. Please find, on the congress website, the invited speakers, description of accomodation as well as all information to subscribe to the congress and send an abstract.

Chers jeunes chimistes de France! Dear young chemists in France! This is the perfect opportunity for you to ask for an oral communication and come to share your chemistry with scientists from every region in France. To submit your abstract, please follow this link. The congress invitation video is available following this link. The poster of the congress is available here.