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Conceptions of the value of higher education in a measured market

Internationalization is the integration of intercultural and international dimensions into education. The internationalization of teaching and research is one of the major strategies adopted by various higher education institutes. This is attributed to the need to attract the best students and staff, to increase the quality standards of education and to generate more revenues.

Higher Education Marketing Insights for 2019 - Market Flow Show Ep.1

Also, the increase in tertiary enrollments globally has led to a rise in the need of internationalization. There is also a rise in the demand for a cross-cultural exposure on their courses among students to prepare themselves for international careers, which has further increased the requirements for the internationalization of higher education. Such a rise in internationalization in the education sector is likely to fuel the growth of the global higher education market during the forecast period.

Global higher education market: Segmentation analysis. It provides an in-depth analysis of the prominent factors influencing the market, including drivers, opportunities, trends, and industry-specific challenges. The huge investments by higher education institutions in modern technologies and the adoption of cloud solutions have fueled the market growth in the Americas. In recent years, the government has increasingly delivered higher education using market mechanisms, in particular relying more on student choice and provider competition to improve quality, and value for money.

1) Create a Quality Workforce

Prospective students are in a potentially vulnerable position when deciding whether to enter higher education and take on a student loan. However, graduate earnings for some providers and subjects are lower than for non-graduates, emphasising the importance of making an informed choice. The NAO finds that the Department needs a more comprehensive approach to the oversight of the higher education market, and must use the proposed regulatory reforms to help address the deficiencies identified in this report, if students and the taxpayer are to secure value for money.

The Department began consulting on a new regulatory framework for higher education in October , focusing on improving student choice and outcomes, and seeking to address a number of weaknesses in the market. Higher education has a more limited level of consumer protection than other complex products such as financial services.

Labor market analytics to improve your institution's value, relevance, and future

The Department has improved information available to help prospective students choose their course and provider, but only one in five use it and additional support does not adequately reach those who need it most. The Department plans further improvements as part of its new regulatory framework, but requirements for higher education providers to ensure that prospective students understand their prospects are limited.

The report outlines that the proportion of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds entering higher education has increased, but participation remains much lower than for those from more advantaged backgrounds. Title: -.

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