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Publisher: University of Texas Press. Viva Cristo Rey: The Cristero Rebellion and the Church-State Conflict-ExLibrary . Saints and Sinners in the Cristero War: Stories of Martyrdom from Mexico (Paperb . Series, Texas Pan American.

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This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. I have used throughout the text edited by Werner R. Lehmann, the Hamburger Ausgabe , 4 vols , hereafter referred to as Lehmann. Google Scholar. The portrait is reproduced on the front cover of the book.

For the history of Darmstadt to the present see Eckhart G. Ibid, pp. Lehmann II, p. An excellent survey of the history of the period is Jacques Droz, Europe between Revolutions — , Lehmann II, pp. Ibid, p. This book is chronologically organized by significant periods of the history of the former Kingdom of Hanover. For each time period, available records are listed by combat arm and regiment.

The Life of August Wilhelm Schlegel

For each item, a brief description is given, along with relevant dates, and most importantly, the FHL microfilm number that holds the item. While one my browse the FHL catalog to find these items, they are often not easy to find. Using only the catalog, it is difficult to determine what is available for a given regiment or time period. The Guide is available at FHL and also at many libraries.

See WorldCat for a complete list of availability.

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The group has put together helpful tips on how to go about researching an ancestor who had to serve in the military at certain times. Their website is mostly in the German language. This book is in the English language. The list contains names of soldiers who were enlisted in the Hanover army and died. Among these names are also men from the Duchy of Lauenburg, although Lauenburg was in possession of Denmark in The list was printed by S.

The Life of August Wilhelm Schlegel

Lamminger and Roschenbusch in Hanover in In order to find quickly information about a long searched ancestor who was born at the end of the 18th century and whose fate has been open, Joachim Memmert took the trouble to organize the death list alphabetically by family names. Letters L-Z can be found in the following issue of the periodical.

When Napoleon invaded Russia in many men from Hanover were forced to fight. Most of the men never returned home. After the Wars of Liberation the government of Hanover appointed Lieutenant Heinrich Meyer to travel the parts of Russia where the war took place or where German POWs were brought to in order to promote the return of the Hanover residents. He also investigated whether the soldiers were killed in action or find out why many did not return to their homes.

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The results of his investigations resulted in four lists which were given to the government and explained the fate of , , , and missing persons. Of the men 71 lived in Russia and did not want to return to Lower Saxony. A lot of them had married in the German settlement of Saratow.

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The rest had either died in hospital or during their marches. With remarkable care the Russian hospitals recorded the deaths of German soldiers. A fifth list was established which registered German POWs, whose German origins could not be established.

Napoleonic Wars: The German Campaign & the Invasion of France

These five lists are located in the State Archive in Hanover. Source: Meyerholz, Heinrich. When the Battle of Leipzig was bringing victory for the Prostestants on September 2, many North German cities tried to exploit the situation to free themselves from occupation by the Imperial Army. The city of Hildesheim which had suffered through multiple administrative changes now joined the Leipzig Union against the Imperial Army. However, their resistance proved to be too weak and therefore, they let a Swedish contingent occupy their city for seven weeks in hopes to avoid occupation.

Hildesheim was now exposed to armies, friendly and not. Count v. Pappenheim, informed by the Catholic Church about the fate of the people in Hildesheim, saw another chance to score and hurried back to his previous head quarters. The city fathers and people of Hildesheim were not happy with the prospect of again coming under siege and being plundered. They looked for negotiation. Their wish was granted in exchange for feeding 2, soldiers and paying the amazing sum of , Reichsthaler currency.

Even though some single families were protected from plunder, the whole city generally suffered greatly by occupation, fire damage and forced regulations, so badly that Hildesheim, once a prosperous city became now one of the poorest in the German Empire. This is a list of those who took in soldiers and contributed money for being protected from plunder see Family History Library film Neuesten u. Interessantesten aus dt.

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